Family stay: Similiarities

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Election flags in satellite town of KL

The kids laugh lots (and fight a little).

The women work in the kitchen while the men barbeque the meat over an open fire.

K always says he’s going to learn a musical instrument but never gets around to it.

Piggy in the middle, peaknuckle, tumbling with the toddler.

Every party’s slogan seems like a meaningless platitude.


Family stay: Differences

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Eat with your hands. K says “your fingers release enzymes that help with digestion, especially if you lick them”.  It also means it’s harder for me to burn my tongue by putting something too hot in my mouth.

When one shakes the hand of a respected elder one can (should?) also kiss it.

Electioneering continues on election day.

Bidet-type hoses and water buckets, not toilet paper.

Kampong Rice and salted fish for breakfast

Rooster in the suburbs.

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