Tuning in

Since I bought a car, I’ve been listening to radio stations here in the Triangle. Here are three of my favourites.


Election time voter drives and call-in discussions on Black Lives Matter belies the local liberal rag calling them “the worst radio station in the Triangle”. Late night, the standard commercial fare is replaced by underground or classic hiphop.  

Image_amon_creativesFavourite track: NC’s native J-Cole’s brilliant story-rhyme Wet Dreamz

All the feels:  DJ Showtime’s tribute show to Obama on January 19th. Amid a parade of conscious hiphop classics, he dedicates the show to the outgoing president, describing him with a string of superlatives, ending with “I wish he was my dad”.

Gimmick: “if you’re listening on the road right now, honk your horns three times”

Typical ads: Events at Raleigh bars, BET shows, tax services, college courses.



Standard model for US public radio – syndicated shows from other stations in the NPR network and late night BBC, plus some local programming.

Suprisingly good: reruns of Car Talk, in which two brothers from Boston somehow manage to make a call-in automotive diagnosis show fascinating and funny.

Heartbreaking moment: hearing Hillary’s concession speech live. I almost had to pull over.

Wish they would: Play Radiolab at hours when I’m likely to be driving.

Ads: none -listener and sponsor supported.



Vanilla commercial country station linked to the IHeartRadio network. 

Menu du jour: overproduced “bro country” (according to savingcountrymusic.com, at least).

Listening in order to:  a) hear songs I can sing along to after one chorus. b) Feel like I’m not in New Zealand c) try to understand how so many people voted for Donald.


Standard fare: songs about small towns big relationships. or both. “Body like a back road/drivin’ with my eyes closed/I know every curve like the back of my hand”.

Favourite song title: “You look like I need a drink”

I don’t know why: every woman featured in the songs wears a ball-cap backwards.

Ads: insurance, vehicles.


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