What is Durham?

What Is Durham?

Durham is built of brick and addiction. Sometimes I think I can still smell the tobacco curing.

Durham aint Duke. Durham is rooting for the Chapel Hill team if you don’t work at Duke

Wikimedia commons

Old tobacco buildings. Image: Wikimedia commons

Durham is the thumbnail frogs that come out in summer at the Eno.

Durham is a guy winding down his car window to tell me his brother died because he wasn’t wearing a helmet and I should think about that.

Broken trees after the ice and snow.

Broken trees after the ice and snow

Durham is my being the only whitey riding the bus to Southpoint.

Durham is 100 strangers singing “groove is in the heart” in a bar


Bumper stickers, Trinity Park

Durham is going from mini-mansions to run-down shacks and vacant lots in two blocks, or vice versa in two weeks.

Durham is an uber driver from Niger talking to me about Heidegger.

Durham is learning the words “ice storm”

Durham is a woman crying alone in the park

Durham is the pandas spewing rainbows on the wall at the Pinhook.

Durham is home.

Eno river at dusk

Eno river at dusk