Family stay: Differences

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Eat with your hands. K says “your fingers release enzymes that help with digestion, especially if you lick them”.  It also means it’s harder for me to burn my tongue by putting something too hot in my mouth.

When one shakes the hand of a respected elder one can (should?) also kiss it.

Electioneering continues on election day.

Bidet-type hoses and water buckets, not toilet paper.

Kampong Rice and salted fish for breakfast

Rooster in the suburbs.

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2 thoughts on “Family stay: Differences

  1. Hi ,
    I did make some research on eating with fingers. The belief that eating from fingers helps digestion is right, but the only missing part is that enzymes are released in the stomach in response to food handling and temperature, not through finger tips. Millions of nerve endings in the fingers relay the message that we’re about to eat, including the temperature of the food, level of spiciness, etc. to prep the stomach for digestion.

  2. they say the coconut is the most useful food/plant…from DIY blood transfusions, to curing bizarre illness to traversing oceans in canoes…ah blessed coconut

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